Top Reasons – Why To Buy A Sofa Bed

Top Reasons – Why To Buy A Sofa Bed

By Interior Designer CHRISTINE K. 

Sofa beds are functional, convenient, and low in cost for you or for accommodating guests. It goes perfectly into small spaces, offices and homes without a room to spare.
Are you wondering if you should buy a sofa bed? Well here is the answer: As a start sofa beds look fabulous in an office or any room, they also act as a comfortable couch . Not to forget that we all love the slumber party part of having guests, staying up late or falling asleep watching a movie on a comfy sofa.

Worried about ruining the room style? Well sofa beds are recently just as attractive as any set of sofas you are thinking of. At Stock Furniture a wide range is available from mix of designs, colors, and fabrics and even leather; a big variety of choices is available. From fabric to leather for an ultra modern sophisticated space. Check below the wide color options and click image to view more models, styles and colors.


Is the mechanism heavy for use or even long lasting? It is very quick and easy to set up a sofa bed. All you need to do is remove your beautiful cushions and pull out the sofa. Click-clack, a simple method used to open the sofa beds is being sold at Stock Furniture. Just pull the sofa frame frontward until it clicks, then you fold it straight backside so it lies flat. 

This means you can set up the room for your guest straight away. Doesn’t just the thought of having a guest room ready in minutes relax you! Now you can set up your guest’s room even at the end of the evening. As a plus, Stock Furniture offers a limited warranty on all its sofa beds even its mechanism in case of any damage.  

Is it space consuming? Sofa beds can easily be placed in any room. Unlike a normal sofa, they are slightly smaller. Meaning it can fit in the smallest room. Yes sofa beds can be the best space savers! Take a look below at the Space saving “Trixy” one seater sofa bed that turn into a bed in a glimpse! The sofa unfolds with unusual ease and turns into a comfy occasional bed. It even rotates 360 degrees and completes its stylish look with chrome leg and handles.

With all its benefits, is a Sofa bed expensive? The value for money is certainly something a lot of us search for in our daily lives. Since the sofa bed provides effectively two of the most important items of furniture in one buy being a  normal sofa and an extra bed for a guest bedroom, it is a good choice to make in one go. At Stock Furniture Lebanon we offer diverse options at different price ranges , starting from as low as $110.00.

Let’s take a quick look together at our entire  Sofa beds collection (Click Here) ,  you can buy online or call us at 71-961969 to order.  If you want to benefit from our ongoing offers, receive more tips and advice from our Interior Designer Christine K. and stay upto date with new items sign up to our Newsletter List.


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  • I love the fuchsia pink sleeper sofa how do I get?

  • Hello, I am after a sofa bed, do you have a showroom my wife and I would prefer to have a look otherwise if we where to buy online, how long is your delivery into Beirut (Ras el Nabeh)?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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