Buying a Cabinet

Buying a Cabinet

Storage cabinets play a very important role in any space, by providing a hidden area for a lot of belongings. You wouldn't know the value of it until you lose it or purchase a new one. The most important considerations when planning to buy a new cabinet for your home or office are asking yourself these three things .One ,What will you be needing it for? Two, what is the available space area to place it in? Three, What material best suits its atmosphere conditions?

What type of cabinet storage do you need?

If you need your cabinet for the kitchen then shelves and drawers are your best option. However, if it's storage for your clothes in your bedroom then it's better to have hangers, note that if it's also for your bedroom but for your shoes then its best to be shelves. Stock Furniture Lebanon holds two affordable and great value cabinets for your kitchen or bedroom, the Ekko Cabinet which is made of shelves and the Ergo Cabinet which has a hanger and shelves. They are available in different colors, check them and other cabinet  at the following links click here.Therefore you should know by now that it can be in the same room but the different use of it also affects your choice of furniture design. If the cabinet is for your office files then you should consider a storage cabinet with locks to secure private material and shelves. I would personally suggest metal cabinets as they are secure, durable and come with locks,  click here to take a look at some.


What is the available space area, where you will place the cabinet?

The majority of cabinet sizes are either lateral or vertical in design. Lateral tall cabinets minimizes the floor space therefore  it occupies floor to ceiling storage, where as vertical takes less wall space but more floor space. also Vertical cabinets can be TV table in living rooms or a console table in a dining room where you can benefit from placing personal items, plates, cups, small clocks , pens, legal size paper along with office supplies. Another way to benefit from your space especial in your bedroom is by purchasing a  sliding cabinet  such as the Slider cabinet as it has  sliding mechanism which prevents doors to be pulled outside but provides access by just pulling to the sides.


What material best suits its atmosphere conditions?

There are three types of material but your decision depends on the atmosphere conditions of a room. For example if it's for dry areas you can go for wood or metal. The good thing about wood material is its big variety of colors which is great because you can match it with existing space colors. As for metal its best suited for an office. The advantages of buying metal storage cabinets are their durability and strength of holing heavy business files. They are also easy to clean with a sponge along with a solution of mild detergent and water. They also often come with a secured lock key handle. Even though metal storage cabinets are very durable, they are nonetheless lightweight. Many types weight less than cabinets made of wood or vinyl. This is beneficial because they can be moved easily and will not cause floor scratches underneath. Third material can be Resin plastic cabinets which are highly recommended for wet areas, they are also an example of heavy-duty storage cabinets. Such cabinets are made of eco-friendly resin that resists rust, scratches, dents and peeling. They take in harsh temperatures and humidity like the outdoors in a rainy day or a bathroom. Click here to check out some Resin cabinets sold by Stock Furniture Lebanon.



As a conclusion depending while purchasing a cabinet base your decision on the purpose of its use, available area and the atmosphere surrounding it. Stock Furniture Lebanon online store is offers you several  options and varieties of cabinets that   can be delivered to your home or office  just a click you can check out the  entire  Cabinet collection ,  you can buy online or call us at 71-961969 to place an order.  If you want to benefit from our ongoing offers, receive more tips and advice from our Interior Designer Christine K. sign up to our Newsletter List.



  • Whould you have a bed 160 cm ×195 cm length with cabinet for second room normal bed with cabinet the area of rooms a 3.2×3.2 metres

    Salon or sitting room 3 or 4 pieces modern only .are you?

    Living room

  • Do you still have men shoe cabinet with mirror

  • I sow a small table gray with 2 chairs for kitchen 99$ do you still have this item?

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